How choose diesel generator set.

The purpose and tasks at the purchase of diesel generator are individual. Therefore at the choice of required power station it is very important to estimate a wide range of parameters. Only in this case quality, reliability, operating life of DGU running as well as people and connected equipment safety are ensured.

There are some rules to restrict the DGU choice:

- Maximum load power should not exceed nominal power. (It is acceptable there is increase of station power up to 110 % during an hour and up to 140 % during some minutes. Synchronous brushless generators Stamford (Englang) and Mess Alte (Italy) let overload up to 300% for 20 seconds ;

- minimal power should not be less 25 % of nominal one (at less power there is worse frequency stabilization. It is acceptable for the generators to idle away for 30 s);

There are some limitations for three-phase power station:

- the phase allowable load does not exceed 33 % of total station power;

- Phase unbalance is not over 30 %. Asynchronous generators Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen (Germany) let phase unbalance up to 75%.

Generators used in power station can be synchronous and asynchronous. Asynchronous generators are certainly cheaper but produced electricity quality is not always acceptable. Moreover the load such as electric motor (refrigerator, conditioner, pump) consumes twofold or threefold power at start therefore it is necessary there is twofold or threefold margin of power at asynchronous generator choice. And so synchronous generators without this disadvantage are installed in professional power stations.

Generator set life is defined as a rule by motor reliability. Choosing power station it is necessary to take into account that diesel set are more reliable and efficient, have more margin of power, more fire-safe but they are more expensive than petrolic ones.

Diesel generator set (DGS) can be with air or liquid cooling. DGS with air cooling are used as emergency power supplies and usually work 2 hours per day. DGS with liquid cooling can be used all day and can be primary or reserve power supply.

For normal DGS work it is not recommended to use load that is less 20% of the maximal load ( at little DGS load there is valve slagging, therefore it is recommended to have 100% load after long 25% load work for the valve cleaning).

There is the phase unbalance at the connection of single-phase and three phase loads to a generator. The solution of the unbalance problem..

Modern power station can automatically start a generator at sudden power outage and turn off it at grid repair.

The degree of power station automation is written on the table.

The degree of power station automation Amount of automation
0 Output electrical quantity stabilization. Electric grid protection
1 Output electrical quantity stabilization. Warning protection and emergency protection systems. The automatic maintenance of running after the start and the loading without service and observation is during 4 hours.
2 Output electrical quantity stabilization. Warning protection and emergency protection systems. Distance and (or) automatic control during start, running and stop with unattended operation time of 16 or 24 h.
3 Output electrical quantity stabilization. Warning and emergency protection systems. Distance and automatic control or only automatic control of all technological processes including them at parallel operation with unattended operation time of 150 or 240 h.

Detailed description of diesel generator set.

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