Description of DGS

We offer the model with electric control panel made by SDMO (France) as a base model of DGS.

The base model of the standard design includes:
  • Diesel engine with fluid cooling and low rotation frequency of 1500 rpm.
  • Cooler for air with temperature up to +50С.
  • Electric starter, starter battery of 12V, charging generator of 12V.
  • Single-support electric class IP23 generator.
  • Mechanically rpm governor (ensures frequency maintenance at level of ±2,5%).
  • Standard air filter.
  • Standard electric microprocessor control panel NEXYS on the vibroinsulated desk.
  • The additional option: the electric control panel with advanced facilities SDMO Telys with meters.
  • Electric control panels Nexys and Telys can be added by devices for automatic start that include a charger, coolant preheater, input voltage sensor (coupled with automatic load switchboard).
  • Rigid welded steel frame with antivibration pads.
  • Fuel tank integrated in frame.
  • Elastic fuel pipe and bibcock of oil system.

    Installed with the engine the high pressure pump is high reliability. The sets use diesel corresponding to Russian standards.

    The control panel using in the mentioned DGS has the following regimes:
  • In "automatic mode ", the DGS starts in 0.5-30 seconds after power grid fails or phase voltage reduction below 15% of nominal voltage. The start attempt limit is 3. The warm-up period is 0.5-30 seconds, during this time there is the stabilization voltage and frequency of generator output. The order for switching unit to turn on main electric grid is made in 15-180 second after grid repair. DGS stops atomically in 120-300 seconds after load turn off.
  • In "manual mode" or test mode DGS is starting by dash panel to test or in case of automatics fault.
  • In "stop mode" at running DGS the engine is stopped immediately, at non-running DGS automatic start is blocked.

    Diesel-generator sets.

  • Attention! The diesel engine - generating installation in the container from a warehouse in Chelyabinsk is on sale.

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