Production of diesel generator sets in container in Chelyabinsk.

L.L.C. «Plant Resurs» offers diesel generator sets with the power from 6 kWt to 700 kWt that are made in metal containers on your requirements specification. At the Plant the work is based on the individual approach to a client. Our company completes diesel generator sets by compact and effective high quality diesel generators which are home-made and foreign.

The diesel generator set is delivered in the metal container or in the noise absorbing cover. The container for DGS satisfies the international standards and its construction lets carry by any type of transport .

Detailed description of diesel generator set.
How to choose diesel generator set.

At the standard design the base model includes:

  • Diesel generator with liquid cooling
  • Electropanel for automatic start
  • Standard air filter
  • Fuel tank installed in frame.
  • The container for ensuring of sound and heat insulation with electric wire and integrated fire-control units and fire alarm.

    To know the cost of the diesel generator set fill the questionnaire on technical characteristics and our specialists connect with you soon.

    Noise absorbing all-weather cover (bonnet) for diesel generator (DGS).

    шумопоглощающий всепогодный кожух (капот) для дизель-генераторов (ДГУ)

    L.L.C. «Plant Resurs» products the bonnet and cover with chassis for DGS.

    The advantages of DGS in cover or with bonnet are small dimensions and mobility. DGS with noise absorbing cover can be used not only outdoors but also in a room.

    The diesel generator bonnet is made from still plate of 2mm thickness welds optionally with noise absorbing materials. The covering is coat, enamel or powder coating. There are the doors at the front and side faces to have access to the diesel generator.

    Mobile diesel power plant.

    Mobile diesel power plant in a body of the Gazelle

    Our enterprise offers the mobile diesel power plants equipped in a cargo compartment of the car.

    The following types of works are carried out:

  • Installation of diesel-generator installation.
  • Floor strengthening in a cargo compartment of the car.
  • Sound and thermal insulation of a body of the car.
  • Installation of systems of communications, alarm systems, fire extinguishing (according to your specification).
  • Anticorrosive processing and coloring of original parts in color of a body.


  • Attention! The diesel engine - generating installation in the container from a warehouse in Chelyabinsk is on sale.

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