Manufacturing of a metalwork in Chelyabinsk

One of L.L.C. «Plant Resurs» is manufacturing of a metalwork of various level of complexity and appointment.

In mechanical engineering a metalwork call, more often, details and the elements which have been executed from profil metal. But depending on production can be forged, cast, stamped, fine-molded, welded, or combination of the above-mentioned. In construction to a metalwork carry bearing elements of buildings - farms, columns, beams, crossbars and so forth.

Our enterprise makes a wide range of a metalwork:

  • construction metalwork of firm type;
  • frameworks of fast-erected buildings;
  • block containers of different function, including in anti-vandal execution;
  • designs for the device of canopies;
  • hothouses;
  • window lattices;
  • metal doors;
  • garage gate;
  • capacities for water to 100 cubic meter;
  • capacities for garbage;
  • entrance groups.


  • Attention! The diesel engine - generating installation in the container from a warehouse in Chelyabinsk is on sale.

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