Fire extinguishing module -2.5-2С (Buran-2,5-2С))

Powder fire extinguishing unit “Buran-2,5-2С” (called later as the unit ) serves for localization and extinguishing class of А, В, С fire and alive electrical equipment with any voltage.

The unit is the main elements for the construction of automatic powder fire-extinguishing system used in industrial, storage and other rooms.

The unit has the function of self-starting.

The unit is not used for extinguishing of alkali and alkaline-earth metals as well as the substances that can burn without air.

The unit is a stationary fire extinguisher and does not contain ozone destructing substances.

Technical characteristics of fire extinguishing module – 2.5-2C (Buran -2,5-2C)

Amount of fire extinguishing powder of ABC types, kg, not over 1,95 ± 0,05
Total weight of filled unit, kg 2,9 ± 0,1
Total dimensions, mm: diameter 250 ± 5
Height 146 ± 3
The fire extinguishing module capacity at the height of installation 3,0 ± 0,5 м:
а) in case of fire extinguishing of class А fire ( the degree of leakage is 5% ):
- protected volume up to 18,0 м3
- protected area up to 7,0 м2
b) in case of fire extinguishing of class B fire ( the degree of leakage is 5% ):
- protected volume up to 16,0 м3
- protected area up to 7,0 м2
The maximum fire class is В 34В
Delay time in self-starting mode at class A fire with an area of 0,4 m2, s, not over 20
Value of direct starting current, A, from 0,1 to 1,0
Maximum starting current, А, not over 1,0
Control current for electric start circuit (during 5 ± 0,3 min), А, not over 0,02
Action time at electric start , s, not over 2
Running time, s, not over 0,5
Operating temperature, °С ± 50
Coefficient of nonuniformity of powder sputtering, К1 (НПБ 88-2001,СП 5.13130.2009) 1
Factor of leakage for protected area, К4 (НПБ 88-2001, СП 1
Start reliability probability 0,95

Fire extinguishing systems

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