Fire extinguishing modules

Effective fire protection of different objects is impossible without using automatic fire control system.

L.L.C «Plant Resurs» uses powder and gas-powder fire extinguishing systems.

Powder fire extinguishing has some advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is high extinguishing capacity, generality and relative cheep powder. Some fire classes (burning of metals and their compounds) are extinguished only by special powders. One of the disadvantages surface type of extinguishing and as a result low penetrating capacity and object dirtying. Powders are not toxic therefore there is no threat for people health in case of false operation. But it is worth to take into account that fine powder remains in air for some minutes that makes breathing heavy. The powder is ejected by gas such as air, argon, helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and their mixtures.

L.L.C. «Plant Resurs» uses Russian equipment Buran-2,5-2С to project fire extinguishing system.

Attention! The diesel engine - generating installation in the container from a warehouse in Chelyabinsk is on sale.

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